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Mini Makeovers

In With The New

A mini makeover, is a scaled-down version of a full interior design makeover, tailored for clients who may have limited time or budget constraints.

This service provides clients with the essential tools and guidance needed to refresh their living space without undertaking a complete overhaul.

Hoffer Homes empowers clients to take control of their interior design by allowing them to purchase their own furniture and accessories at their own pace and budget. However, unlike traditional interior design services, Hoffer Homes provides comprehensive support throughout the process.

This includes assistance with ordering, delivery coordination, assembly, and final placement within the home. By offering this hands-on approach, Hoffer Homes enables clients to achieve a stylish and updated look for their space while maintaining flexibility and affordability.

The mini makeover service is ideal for individuals who want to enhance their home’s aesthetic appeal without the commitment of a full-scale renovation.